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6 Days Dinner

6 Days Dinner

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***Order deadline is 5pm Friday 14th December for Monday 17th December Collection***

Nutritionally dense, refined sugar free, macro friendly meals prepared fresh.

1 Meals per day (Monday- Saturday inclusive)

All meals will contain a minimum nutritional value of 30g of Protein.

Meals can be collected twice per week from the following areas:

South Belfast, East Belfast & Ballymena.

Monday - Containing meals for Mon, Tues, Wed.

Thursday - Containing meals for Thurs, Fri, Sat.

Kcal Pro Carb Fat
Monday Dinner  
Maple Turkey, Kale and Butternut Squash 435 50 38 7.1
Tuesday Dnner  
Chicken with Mustard Creme Friache Dressing, Green Beans and Sweet Potato Mash 674 46 76 11
Wednesday Dinner  
Chargrilled Chicken with tomato & Basil butter, green beans and Sweet Potato Mash 715 46 84 19
Thursday Dinner  
Baked Honey Chilli Chicken 572 41 84 6.2
Friday Dinner  
Curried Cod 439 40 59 2.7
Saturday Dinner  
Turkey & Ham Dinner 659 57 47 19

All menu items may be subject to change according to seasonality and availability without prior notice. We will endeavour to prevent this from happening but in some instances this may be unavoidable.